Radley Projects

New forms of leadership

We provide programs, coaching, and consulting services that help individuals and organizations make choices that advance them to the next stage of their leadership.

Working with you when you’re meeting change to improve your practical ability, foresight, innovation, and creativity.

Our services

Private coaching

We help you identify where you’ll make your most significant impact, and work with you to bring your ideas to life.


Interventions can include project triage, strategic prioritization sessions, idea development workshops with actions for implementation, and customized solutions based on organizational goals.


Join our 2019 suite of programs in scenario planning, idea creation, and leadership development for innovative and inventive environments. Get an email when openings become available.


How we’re different

Creativity and criticality

We think wide and deep, integrating synthesis and analysis. We don’t see complex challenges as problems to be solved, but as working processes that we’ll help you keep active and supported.

Experience and research

We consider new research and match this with years of hands-on operational experience in groundbreaking environments to provide you a strong advantage.

Teaching and achieving

There’s a big difference between delivering content and helping people flourish amidst change. We are dedicated to your results and know that simple templates and six-step guides aren’t going to sustain your success.

What we don’t do

Real success is in our relationships with our clients and their results, so that’s where we put our energy — not in our self-promotion. Spending the bulk of our time marketing our brand is not who we are.

For individuals and organizations

Consulting services

Book a call at a time that works for you to discuss your highest priority challenges and we’ll show you how we’d work together.

Some of the areas recently covered include services for facilitating multi-stakeholder change and transition processes, relationships with constituents and communities, project strategy or triage, leadership development within systems, spheres of influence and communication planning, innovation and creativity workshops, and business strategy.

Prefer to meet in person? November 2018 meeting availability in Los Angeles, Austin and Marfa. Email Kendra to connect.



For audiences that can benefit from keynote presentations, please email Kendra to begin the engagement. She brings experience presenting to a wide range of decision makers including VP and Director-level audiences at Fortune 100 companies, Digital Directors in the cultural sector, Board Trustees, student-practitioners, professionals, and teams in unconventional organizations. Speaking topics may include leading emerging technology projects, innovation processes, generation Z leadership, finding impact and opportunity outside of the usual hotbeds, personal and professional strength in volatile organizations, or customized content based on the audience and objectives.



Radley Projects will never share, use, or disclose your work with other clients or collaborators. Your work will never be shared in print, presentation, publicized or broadcast unless explicitly requested by you for your benefit.

After years spent working on confidential projects, we take trust and non-disclosure seriously, and believe our clients and collaborators expect impeccable confidentiality. Clients and collaborators may be negotiating intellectual property, strategy, proprietary idea development, leadership ethics, professional concerns, and of course personal development.



We hope we help you achieve something meaningful, and that you'll share your positive experience with others who may appreciate our approach and your results.

Know someone who could benefit from our work? Refer a new client and you’ll both receive a discount on fees.


Radley Projects is female founded and we take equality and access to support seriously. We are proud to work across cultures and believe network connections in different spaces and with people that have diverse backgrounds can result in surprising, smart, and important developments.

We seek to actively reduce barriers and increase leadership opportunities through a hybrid scholarship program.

Click here to learn more about our one for one program.


Advance and grow

We work for you behind-the-scenes as your interpreter, confidant, extra set of hands, expert, and guide. Consulting, coaching, and programs to help you design the conditions for success and breakthrough.




Know the health of your personal creativity, strategy, and innovation efforts

Interpret spheres of influence acting on you, and get clear on where you can use your power

Know what your role really is (you’d be surprised how many people are fuzzy on this!)

Get feedback, expertise, and support that is unbiased by organizations or friendships


Plan for plausible and possible scenarios

Keep successful processes active and supported through volatility

Sharpen communication and properly handle new information

Anticipate paradoxes that arises from new technology, group dynamics, change


Advance into a new position

Do the things that will truly define you

Innovate broadly (beyond the buzzword)

Forgive your boss, fix your reputation, bring allies on-side

Give yourself permission to drop what doesn’t benefit you


Can we help you get going?

There’s a lot of noise in the air about fear — of the future, of being left behind, of missing out — and we’re here to help you get real, repair your outlook, and accomplish your projects. With our consultation, we’ll help you move forward.

Contacting us is easy. Set up a time to speak (there’s no charge) that works with your schedule.